We provide professional guaranteed accurate preparation and electronic filing of all types of tax returns.  After you have scheduled your appointment, download our Tax Preparation Checklist/Fax Cover Sheet to ensure you have all the necessary documents to prepare your return. 

100% accuracy guaranteed


Income Tax Preparation

Small Business




benefits of filing with us

Looking for a Refund Advance or simply want your refund faster? Filing your return with us gives you more.  We offer many benefits and our preparation there is a 100% Accuracy Guarantee of the calculations on your return.

Audit Defense Protection Plan

Audit Defense Protection Plan

IRS Audits are on the rise.  Protect yourself from the high cost of  professional representation in case of an audit.

100% Accuracy Guarantee

100% Accuracy Guarantee

If there is an error in our calculations, we will correct the error at NO COST to you and pay any resulting penalty.

Get your Refund Faster!


 We are an authorized IRS eFile provider.  All returns are electronically filed for faster processing.   

Refund Advance Loans


We offer Refund Advance Loans up to $6000!

Free Copies of Tax Returns

Copy of Tax Return

We will provide free copies or transcripts of all your returns filed with us.

personal income Tax


Individual & Joint Tax Returns

We can hep you with all your individual and joint tax matters.  We have the experience and expertise to help you lawfully  minimize your tax obligations.

Small Business Tax

Small Business Owner

It's more common than you may think for a small business to get overwhelmed with tax obligations.  From payroll to income taxes, small business owners often find themselves falling behind on both federal and state tax obligations.  

We are here to help

We can help you get on track and stay compliant.  

  • Estimated Taxes 
  • Payroll Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Other Government Remittances

Put us to work for you and have one less thing to worry about.


IRS audits are on the rise in recent years.  Protect yourself and your business by consulting with a professional if you are notified of an audit.

Corporate Tax


Corporate Tax returns can be complex.  Don't trust just anyone with your corporation's tax filing.

audit defense protection plan


At the Gamblin Group, LLC, we make every effort to minimize the likelihood of an IRS audit.  But as federal, state and local budget deficits balloon out of control, the IRS and other taxing authorities are working harder to chase every tax dollar.  The IRS has just hired 2000 new agents and sent out thousands more notices than in past years.  Your odds of getting audited or other unwelcome correspondence are climbing every year.  And like it or not, the IRS assumes their conclusions are correct unless you prove otherwise.

Responding to simple written notices can be expensive and time-consuming, and responding to an actual audit can mean real financial disruption.  Here at The Gamblin Group, LLC, we’ve created our Audit Defense Protection Plan to help shield you from those unexpected costs. Consider this program an unofficial insurance policy. 

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3 plan options

In consideration for a small fee we will perform the following services:

Bronze  - $35

  • Written response to notices from federal, state, or local authorities 

Silver - $75 (recommended for most returns)

  • 2 hours of audit representation 
  • Up to 1 hour of additional service including phone calls, emails and consultation
  • Written income verification (“comfort”) letters for lenders or other parties
  • Tax Identity Fraud Remediation

Gold - $150 (Best Value)

  • 4 hours of audit representation
  • Up to 2 hours of service including phone calls, emails or in-person consultations
  • Tax Identity Fraud Remediation 
  • Up to 2 hours of unrelated matters
  • Priority communication and office scheduling

Additional services will be provided at our regular stated rates. 


Appointment Checklist/Fax Cover Sheet (pdf)


Audit Defense Protection Plan Brochure (pdf)