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Professional Tax Help That Fits Your Budget

Money concerns should't prevent you from learning about your options.  We have a Special Program for Low-Income Taxpayers, if you qualify, you can receive professional tax representation at up to 40% reduced cost. 

Offer In Compromise


If you are unable to pay your tax debt and are only able to meet basic living expenses, you may be a candidate for an  Offer In Compromise.  

Installment Agreements


If you can afford to make minimal payments on your tax debt, an Installment Agreement may be the answer.  

Currently Non-Collectible


If you are experiencing immediate money problems, you may be eligible for Currently Non-Collectible status.  This will give you temporary relief from Collection actions.

Innocent or Injured Spouse


Have the actions of your spouse caused a tax liability that you feel you should not be held responsible for?  If so, you may be eligible for Innocent or Injured Spouse Relief.  

Audit Representation


If you have been notified of an audit, it is in your best interest to retain professional representation.  Only a licensed tax professional can ensure the IRS honors your rights.  We can help.

Other Options


  • Amended Returns - Often, many tax debt disputes can be quickly resolved by filing an amended return.  
  • Penalty Abatement - If you have penalties as a result of erroneous information or this is your first time owing taxes, a Penalty Abatement may be the answer.