Has the irs proposed preparer penalties?

Have you Received Notice the IRS Wants to Review your Taxpayer Files?

Paid Preparers are held to a high standard when preparing tax returns and if the IRS perceives you have failed in your Due Diligence Requirements or any of other several reasons to impose penalties as a Paid Preparer, you could be subject to fines of thousands of dollars. Most common preparer penalties are 6694 & 6695 and can be as much as $5000 per perceived failure.  

Preparer Penalties can be crippling to your livelihood and continuing operation of your business.  We can help you and work to reduce the proposed penalties and preserve your rights.

Before allowing the IRS to conduct a review of your client files, contact me and we may be able to help you avoid hefty Preparer Due Diligence Penalties or other IRS imposed sanctions against Preparers. 

Don't try to fight the IRS alone. 

Even if the proposed Preparer Penalties have already been assessed, we may be able to help. 

Your time is limited so act now! 

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Before paying proposed or assessed Preparer Penalties, meet with us to discuss your options.